New Gadgets

Sorry everyone for being so sporadic with my posts over the past couple of weeks. You can thank my old not so dependable computer for that one, but good news Cyber Monday brought me a new one!!! I should now be back on schedule and I would love to hear more from everyone following me. Please feel free to comment on any of my postings or even ask questions. That’s what I am here for!!!

Today’s workout video is brought to you by my husband! He took our dogs out for a walk, meanwhile I figured I could sneak a quick workout in while he was out and our little guy was napping, but he returned before I finished. This meant no quiet moment for me and my workout, but rather him asking what I was doing and if he could film me. I love him dearly, but sometimes you just need those few QUIET moments to yourself. ┬áIn the long run it was great for you guys and I did enjoy his company! Remember with this workout that the Bosu ball makes your workout harder and if you do not feel safe doing any of these exercises on the ball, do them on the solid ground. I don’t want anyone falling or hurting themselves!!

Equipment: Bosu Ball and Dumbbells

4 Rounds

Single arm alternating Bosu Push-Ups – 10
Bosu Dumbbell Squats – 10
Bosu RDLs – 10
Bosu Step-Ups with Overhead Shoulder Press – 10
Bosu Mountain Climbers – 20