Deadlifts and Pull-Ups

Today at the gym I was able to get a quick 30 minute workout in before a few clients. Great way to end the year and get ready for 2016!

10 Rounds

10 Deadlifts
10 Pull-Ups (assisted)
This workout really worked on my grip strength today. Great for those moments when your kid tries to slip away from you or decides to try and jump out of your arms unexpectedly! ūüôā

How are you going to end 2015?

Christmas Catch Up

The family had a wonderful Christmas full of family and friends, and even a bit of snow! ¬†As we all know finding time to squeeze in a workout is harder than ever. ¬†Especially when you’ve had to much holiday “cheer” the evening before. ¬†Luckily for me I am unable to partake in the so called holiday “cheer” everyone else does. ¬†I’m fine drinking my Perrier with a pinky up and my belly out, however I do miss my beer and wine. ¬†I miss it enough to count my reps using extra wine corks laying around. ¬†My husband uses them as a back drop for his dart board, I use them as a counter. ¬†5 rounds total, pushing a corks over for every round completed. ¬†I know it seems silly, but for me it helps with the motivation. ¬†I put those corks in the “completed” workout pile and go for more. ¬†As they keep piling up, it keeps me motivated as I get closer to the finish.

After a few days off, due to Christmas, I was able to get in a quick workout, even with my little one running around and the dogs attacking me for kisses whenever I was on the floor! With Christmas and my crazy schedule, but I was dying to get back even if it was for 45 minutes.


My little one helping with my burpees and my pup following close behind!

5 Rounds

15 Burpees with Bosu
IMG_2712 IMG_2703
15 Assisted Pull-Ups


30 Kettlebell Swings

My kind husband was able to capture a few more pictures than usual and show how I keep track of my rounds. Regardless of it only being 5 rounds, I find that between my pregnant brain and anything else going on around me I tend to forget what round I am on. Thanks to our huge collection of wine corks I use these to keep track of myself.

12 Days of Christmas Workout!

I had a bunch of my clients do this workout, so why not complete it myself! It was actually a really fun change of pace and pushed me a little harder than I have in the past week.


This workout is just the like the song “12 Days of Christmas”. First you will do 1, then 2-1, then 3-2-1…. Make sure you pick weights that will challenge yourself.

1 – Box Push (with weight on top)

2 – Burpees

3 – Overhead Press with Dumbbells

4 – Box Jumps

5 – Renegade Rows with Dumbbells

6 – Single Leg RDLs with Kettlebell

7 – Push Ups

8 – Overhead Lunges with Dumbbells

9 – Pull Ups (use assist if needed)

10 – Deadlifts with two kettlebells

11 – Thrusters with dumbbells

12 – Squats with single heavy kettlebell

Saturday Workout

No workout for me yesterday, due to work and preparing for a Christmas party. It is funny how you always think, or at least I do, that cleaning will take a whole lot less time than it actually does. Therefore, I trained a little harder today to make up for my miss yesterday. I will say though preparing for Christmas party, chasing a 18 month old, baking, cleaning and hosting can really count as a workout – I was spent yesterday.

I have recently discovered my “shelf”, baby belly, when sitting in bed the other night. Over the past several days I have noticed I¬†occasionally have to change my stance to accommodate my belly during squats, deadlifts, and on the rower. While it is a weird feeling, it is kind of neat to think how much my little one has grown in such a short amount of time. ¬†I can’t wait to see them on ultrasound and find out the gender. Seven days and counting!!

Clean and Jerk – 5 x 5

Squats – 8 x 3
Kettle Bell Swings – 15 x 3
Decline Push-Ups – 10 x 3


Deadlift Thursday

IMG_3774 IMG_3768 IMG953783

Today’s workout felt great! I got in a quick and heavy lift in with two friends. Both of my friends are training for a CrossFit competition, so I get to push them as they don’t want to get beat by the “pregnant lady”. Hehe! It’s fun to still workout with others training for competitions, it helps push my own workouts. Now my “heavy” workout is lighter than I would do when I am not pregnant, but still challenging enough that I am almost spent by the end of my set. Try out this quick WOD.

250 meter row
10 Deadlifts
5 Push Press
5 Diamond Push Ups
Repeat 4 times

Total time for me today: 14:02 minutes

Finished with 3 sets of bent over rows with heavy weight.

Gym Day


Overhead Squats – 6 reps
20 Double Unders with Jump Rope
Repeat 5 times

1 mile jog!

“A baby is a reason, not an excuse!” ¬†Strong mom, strong baby!

Colorado Snow Day!


What an amazing day here in Colorado! ¬†Went to bed around 10 pm without a trace of snow and woke up to nearly a foot with it still coming down. ¬†My work and travel plans went by the wayside, however my plans for fun suddenly became the priority. ¬†With nearly all of my clients snowed in I had no reason to be at the gym. ¬†I did however have to improvise my workout for the day. ¬†Mother nature had turned my “gym” workout into a “home” workout. ¬†I didn’t mind much and told myself that I would get the best workout I could even at home. ¬†I tried my best to tire the little guy out as much as possible so he would nap as long as possible. ¬†After all there were much needed chores to be done and a workout to be completed.

I dressed the little guy up in the stereotypical coat so puffy he could hardly move, which eventually led to some good laughs and even better pictures. ¬†This was his second time to play in the snow and let’s just say the first ended quickly. My little one wasn’t a huge fan of fact that snow makes your skin cold, but it is so fun to watch him learn all of these thing we adult now take for granted. ¬†Learn things like picking his feet up high in deep snow with snow boots on is really hard. ¬†Or that his doggies have so much fun in the snow they could care less about running little boys over. ¬†Or that mommy’s hand will eventually get cold enough with out her glove that she will have to stop trying to make me smile for the camera and let me play!

While we had no where to go¬†my “to do” list took up a majority of my time, so my workout was part of dinner prep tonight. I made homemade Green Chili with extra veggies, so once I got everything in the pot I had a half hour to workout while it simmered! Here is a quick 30 minutes workout that can really get your heart rate up, challenge your legs and easy to do with your little ones around.


Equipment: Bosu Ball and Medicine Ball or Weight

Bosu Lateral Jumps – 100 (50 each side)
Bosu Push-Ups- 15
Cherry Pickers with Medicine Ball- 15 each side
Bosu Squats with Medicine Ball – 15
Repeat 3 times


Beautiful Sunday Workout

Today I got the chance to workout at the gym, followed by a short swim session with my son. Swimming is always fun when you are pregnant!¬†I am still small enough I can wear my two piece bathing suit, but too big to wear my one piece. Therefore I get to really show off my baby bump! Of course with pregnancy swimming, comes onlooker stares. I love when you can tell people are looking at you trying to figure out if you are pregnant or just eating too much junk food. ¬†Then you get to add an 18 month old who still doesn’t understand that his head under water isn’t a good thing. I truly had a blast teaching him to kick and jump off the edge, but was ready for a nap after the workout and swim.

EMOM (Every minute on the minute)
5 Squat Cleans for 10 minutes

This portion of the workouts seemed so hard compared to August when I did the same workout but 10 Squats every minute on the minute. However, I am so happy I can still workout even if it is modified.

To get a little more upper body work in I added the four following exercises.

Incline Bench 3 x 8
Seated Shoulder Press 3 x 8

Rear Delt Flys 3 x 10

Seated Rows 3 x 10


30 minute leg workout

200 Jump Ropes

Ice Skaters with 10lbs dumbbells in each hand

Bulgarian Split Squats with 25lb kettle bell

Single leg RDL with 25lb kettle bell

Repeat 4 times!

Slowing Down

Gorgeous Colorado day for a run, well I suppose now a days I should call it a jog. Not quiet at the pace I was even just months ago! Not only has my pace slowed down, but my distance has dwindled. This can be partially attributed to my bladder. Not even 1.5 miles into my run and I am immediately looking for a place to pee. I am not normally one to consider the outdoor my bathroom, other than camping or hiking, but today I was highly considering it. I would stop to walk every quarter mile or so hoping that would get me through and then try to jog again. I even had my son singing “Go, Mommy, Go”, but shortly realized it made me want to pee even more and quickly switched our song to “Hold it, Mommy, Hold it”. Needless to say we made it through our run and I didn’t pee my pants. We got in just under 2 miles for the day.


The run was just the warm-up and the workout today focused on upper body.

Gym Workout:

Superset- (do each exercise once then repeat three times)
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 10
Lateral Dumbbell Raise 3 x 10
Reverse Dumbbell Flys 3 x 10

Seated Rows 3 x 10
Lat Pull Downs 3 x 10

Tricep Press 3 x 10

Standing Dumbbell Bicep Curl to Overhead Press 3 x 8