Welcome to my fit pregnancy blog

Welcome everyone to my blog posting! As you may have heard – WE’RE PREGNANT again! We are expecting our second child this coming May and boy am I ever feeling awful! The “morning sickness” is seeming to last all day, stops while I eat, but ramps up as soon as I finish. But the good news is that I am still getting my workouts in.

My husband and I just returned from a quick trip to Mexico! Not quiet the trip I had in mind when we planned it 6 months ago, but it was still amazing to relax and catch up on some needed rest.  While we were there we got to get a couple runs in on the beach, several weightlifting sessions and even a pull-up competition in the pool!

Fitness isn’t just about keeping your figure tight and trim while you’re pregnant, it’s about helping your body, and mind, stay healthy for your baby and helping your baby develop as best you can. Now I will preface with the fact that you need to consult your doctor prior to any fitness activity to ensure you are okay to participate, but in terms of pregnancy if you were exercising before you got pregnancy you can continue while you’re pregnant. Women who run marathons can run marathons, women who lift weights can lifting weight and women who Zumba can keep shaking that booty.

A week after I found out I was pregnant I participated in a CrossFit Competition. A side from the nausea and additional food, I was able to compete with every other woman there. Keep in mind I was training for this event for the past 6 months and my body was prepared for it, but it’s okay to keep doing what you are doing. Yesterday I ran the Denver Rock N’ Rock Half marathon and while it wasn’t my fastest race it felt great to run!

It hurts me every time I hear a woman say, “well I am pregnant so I can’t workout”!!! Why would you stop an activity that keeps your heart in shape, your metabolism going and your muscles moving just because you are pregnant? Your baby can benefit from the same healthy activities as he or she grows just as much as you do.

To give you a short background about me, I am a personal trainer and nutrition coaching by profession. My husband and I own  the fitness company Strength Train 4 Life and run boot camps, in home and virtual training, nutrition coaching and weight loss competitions. I also run several Mommy Boot camp and toddler exercise classes. Fitness is an important part of my life and I want to help other achieve their goals.

Even as a trainer I found it hard to get advise on my exercise when I was pregnant with my first child. My first doctor told me I wasn’t allowed to lift over 20 pounds! My second doctor, while much better, still did not have real answers for what I could and couldn’t do. This was frustrating to me. I knew working out was good for pregnant women and I was positive it was great for me, but it was my first pregnancy and I was nervous.  Needless to say, I did lots of research, worked out until the week before I delivered my son and plan to do so throughout this pregnancy.  Come to think of it, I was even doing squats to progress labor in the hospital the day I delivered. After finding a lack of resources of pregnant woman and fitness I decided to start my own blog to give women a place to find information and ask questions.

Over the next seven months, follow me as I share my workouts, my food and my pregnancy. Please feel free to comment or email me (strengthtrain4life@gmail.com) if you have any questions about your own fit pregnancy.

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