Getting Back into the Groove

I got my first workout post sickness in today. I kept it really simple and lower in heart rate. My body is still healing from the flu and pushing it too hard will only slow down my healing and decrease the results I desire from strength training. This quick 30 minute workout is great to activate the glutes, pelvic floor and core. This is also the last week I let pregnant women do much in the supine position. After the first trimester this position puts pressure on a major vein called the vena cava, which will reduce blood to your heart and may diminish blood flow to your brain and uterus, making you dizzy, short of breath, or nauseated.


Equipment: Bender Ball and 25lb Kettle bell

Bender ball crunches – 15 (Laying on back, knees at 90 degree angle, squeeze ball between knees, tuck chin in and crunch)
Bender ball glute bridges – 15 (ball between knees and press hips towards ceiling)
Single leg bender ball glute bridges – 15 each side (ball between knees, one leg straight out, press hips toward ceiling, squeeze glutes together like you’re cracking a nut)
Bender ball bird dog – 15 each side (on hands and knees place ball between one calf/hamstring, assume bird dog position and crunch abs)

KB goblet squats – 15
KB high pull – 15
KB single arm rows – 15 each side

Two hand KB overhead press
KB Split squats – 10 each side

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