Butt Kicking

Since I am taking it easier this weekend, I had the bright idea to hop on a stationary bike and get a few extra miles in. Problem being, 24 hours later, my butt has official been “kicked”. Well at least it feels like someone decided to kick me several times in the rear end. This is not a muscle sore, this is a saddle sore. The sad part is that I know that bikes do this to you – I trained for a triathalon! But no, why use my common sense now when I am pregnant and my butt already hurts for unusual reasons?

Lesson learned! But on a positive note I was able to add ten miles to my distance for January and keep the contractions at bay. Sometimes it is good to mix things up in your workout. Bike riding isn’t my favorite form of exercise, especially when it is inside and I am not going anywhere, but many times we stick to our normal workouts and our body gets used to these. Changing up your routine, even slightly, can make those muscles work harder and in ways they aren’t used to. Bruised rear end and all it felt good to get a new workout in!


January Distance Challenge – 26.25 miles down and 23.75 miles to go!

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