Foggy Brain

Have any of you ever experienced the complete and utter feeling of what I would call “foggy brain”.  Lately I found myself zoning out at times and doing silly little things such as turning my blinker on long before I ever need to. I am talking at least 1 mile before I came up to the turn, apparently I was thinking about needing to turn and began to signal. I remember this same feeling with my son. Every once and a while I would feel like my brain has no idea how to function, it may have been most noticed when attempting to talk and the inability to form proper sentences. My cure-all for this situation is food! I believe my little one is growing like a weed and as I am hungry more frequently.

Good news on the workout side of things – my OB says I am good to continue working out and to monitor my contractions when they occur. Problem would only come if I am unable to stop them, which has never been a problem. My goal now is to increase my water intake throughout the day to ensure I am adequately hydrated to help minimize contractions. The most interesting comment made by OB was that due to recent research, regardless of increase in contractions they would not minimize my activity level. Through my own research I discovered that recent studies show that placing women on bed rest does not prove to change the overall outcome of early premature delivery. Therefore, workouts have resumed and I am a happy lady!


Today’s workout…

Kettlebell swings – 10
Renegade rows with push-up – 10
Kettlebell Single Leg RDLs – 10 each side
Russian Twists – 10 each side
Repeat 3 times

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