Working out for Turkey!


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and managed to survive the dessert selection. My husband, myself and our little one started our Thanksgiving off this year with the Turkey Day 5K. It was starting to snow and getting cold but we bundled up and headed out anyways.  We had the little snowman all bundled up in a giant fluff ball of blankets and sleeping bags.  He hardly made a peep the whole race besides the occasional “Go GO!”.  With his bright red cheeks and nose he happily enjoyed his post race pancakes while we waited for the rest of our friends.

Typically my husband hates running and will meet me at the end of the race, but this time he stuck with both of us the whole time.  He said he was worried about me falling on the ice, although I think he was really just cold!  Normally he ends up in the beer garden right after the race, this time it was straight to the hot chocolate.  The thought had crossed our minds to stay in our jammies all morning, but when all was said and done we are happy we made it out.  A little fresh air, no matter the temperature, does a body(and a baby!) good.

This year, while I missed my family dearly, I was super excited to only eat one Thanksgiving meal. Typically we visit both my family and my husbands family, but this year my family was out of town. You would think a pregnant lady would want all the food I could get, but it doesn’t work quiet like that for me! My eye’s are definitely larger than my stomach, five minutes into my meal I’m full. Therefore, one meal this year was plenty and I didn’t feel obligated to find room to try a bit of everyone’s dishes.


Yesterday’s workout, thanks to my friend Abby, was as follows:

Rowing 1600 meters

Jump Ropes – 30 seconds jumping/15 seconds rest x 5

Thrusters at 65lbs
Pull-Ups with Band (50% body weight)

Kettle bell Push Press – 8 each side
Kettle bell Squat to High Pull – 8 each side
Repeat 5 times

50 Jump Ropes
50 Mountain Climbers
Repeat 5 times