Modifying Your Workout

This workout today kicked my butt and my belly. Today was a good example of modifying your workout based on how your body feels. The first round of “Kelly” I was able to complete the full 30 reps, but noticed at the end I had some light pains in my grown and my belly. First pregnancy this scared the crap out of me, but this time I knew I just needed to slow down. For me, I believe, these pains are due to growing and moving of my pelvis. Typically I notice the pain at night when I am tired, but will sometimes have them when working out. I spoke with my doctor during my first pregnancy and she said everything was alright, therefore I will modify my workouts if I experience these pains. Everyone’s comfort levels are different, if you experience anything similar or just don’t feel right, stop and talk with your doctor before continuing. Today’s modifications were slowing down and only doing half of the reps. As much as it crushes my ego to slow down, it is important that I am safe for me and baby!


Overhead squats – 4 x 8

Kelly – 5 Rounds (I only made it 4 today due to time)

400 meter Sprint
30 Box Jumps (I did 15)
30 Wall Balls at 14lbs (I did 15)

I finished 4 rounds in 26 minutes, what time can you do it in?