Yesterday’s workout

I have finally recovered from my half marathon. My quads are a bit sore but I made sure to get a good warm up session on the rower before lifting today. Each workout is still a struggle to get started. Most days I fight with the fact that I am hungry or tired. To combat this I make sure to have a protein bar (Quest bars are my favorite) or some natural beef jerky before my workout to give me the energy to make it through. In terms of tiredness it just takes pushing through and I feel better.

Today, I just did a lighter weight strength training session.

1 Mile (1600 meter) Row

3 Sets of 10 reps for everything

Leg press at 135lbs
Calf raises at 135lbs

Walking Lunges at 60lbs
Dumbbell bicep curls to overhead press at 20lbs

RDL at 60lbs
High Pull at 60 lbs

Cable chest press at 40lbs
Cable Rows at 60lbs
Narrow grip push ups



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