10 weeks


This past weekend of exercises has been quiet difficult. Not in the sense that the workouts were killer, but that fact that I am SO tired. Even at the beginning of my workouts I feel like I could take a nap! It takes all of my energy to just get moving. Every person at some point in their workouts just completely dreaded the idea of exercise, but this is different tired. It feels great at the end, but I am spent. To ensure that I am able to get my workouts in, but not push my body too hard I have significantly lighten the weights, increased my water consumption and made sure to eat a meal with protein immediately following the workout.

Saturday strength session:

IMG_20151024_122225966IMG_20151024_1222383741/2 mile row

Squats 3×10 at 95lbs

5 Power cleans at 85lb
5 Squat cleans at 85lbs
Repeat 3 times

Overhead press 3×8 at 65lbs


Soccer Sunday – Played a full 90 minute co-ed soccer game. Yes, I said soccer! This isn’t for everyone and be sure to check with your doctor to ensure you are okay to play. Last pregnancy I played up until 9 weeks, which is when the season ended. This time around I will play right up until 11 weeks. I am a little bigger this time and am more weary of my positioning. I don’t attack players like I normally would and turn my back if I ever think I might get hit.

Monday – Rest day. Everyone needs at least one day of the week to let your body recover. This allows your muscles to heal, grow stronger and decreases inflammation.

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