Back in the Weight Room

Thursday I got the chance to get back into the weight room for a good total body workout.  I am still working with lighter weights to allow my body to continue healing from my cold and accommodate my low energy.  Remember to be very aware of how your body feels as you are working out. If you notice you are dizzy, lightheaded, or nauseous make sure to take breaks or stop working out.  I am struggling some with nutrition this week.

Deadlifts – 10 x 3
Kettle bell swings  – 15 x 3

Incline Dumbbell bench press – 10 x 3

Bench press – 10 x 2

Seated cable chest press – 10 x 3

Lat pull – 10 x 3
Tricep press – 10 x 3

Seated rows – 10 x 2

Single leg squats – 10 each x 3
Bicep cable curls – 10 x 3

Friday: Off Day!

Saturday and Sunday: Unconventional workout – helping my parents tile their kitchen floor. I had originally planned to get quick workouts both of these days but tiling the floor took all of my energy. Sometimes good old fashioned house work can count as a workout.

Heavy cleaning (washing windows, cars, garage) – 136 calories per hour
Painting (inside house) – 238 calories per hour
Tiling – 238 calories per hour
Moping – 170 calories per hour
Vacuuming – 170 calories per hour
Cooking/Food Prep – 68 calories per hour

While these are great ways to keep yourself moving, it is still important to strength train to keep muscles balanced and strong.

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