Fall run!


Today was a great day for a run before the snow comes in, especially since I was joined by my boys! Because it was my first run back from being sick I took it slow and only went 2.14 miles. I truly love running, not on a treadmill, but I love running outside. It is a great way to get to know your neighborhood or to explore different trails. I started running with my son shortly after being released by my doctor at my six week appointment. My son now loves joining me and our dog on runs. He gets a kick out of riding in the stroller and gets to be outside.  Even with the weather getting colder my plan is to get back to running at least twice a week. My ultimate goals to run for as long as I can tolerate it, hopefully into my third trimester. Last pregnancy I was only able to run up until 17 weeks due to an icy fall that resulted in a broken toe. When you are pregnant and running it is even more important you chose your running environment wisely.

One great way to keep yourself motivated to get your cardio sessions in, is to sign up for races. This doesn’t mean you have to run! You can even walk, bike or swim. There are so many opportunities now a days to participate in athletic events. Many events are family friendly, such as the Color Runs, and many allow you bring your pets to join in the fun.

Running may not be your thing, but making sure you are getting some sort of cardio can be great for your little one. Studies show that exercise helps the pregnant body accomplish all of the changes during pregnancy and helps the body deal with them better. In his book Exercising Through Your Pregnancy, Dr. James Clapp notes five cardiovascular changes that occur both during exercise and during pregnancy:

1. Increased overall blood volume
2. Icreased skin blood flow response
3. Increased heart chamber size
4. Increased blood volume pumped at each heart beat
5. Increased oxygen delivery to tissues

Moral of this story make sure to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in 4 times per week. Whether you are running, strength training or walking with your little ones.

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