Boy, was it ever hard to convince myself to get to my workout today. I trained clients at the gym today and when it came time for my own workout I just didn’t feel like getting moving, but thanks to another trainer I got my butt in gear. Friends, family or fitness professionals are great tools to keep yourself accountable. We all have those days when the tiniest excuse can provide our conscience with a reason to skip our workout. But was your reason really a good excuse? My guess, if you are anything like me, probably not! Excuses are easy to come up with – hard work, sweat and results are well…HARD. When starting on your fitness journey it is always important to have a support system. Whether it is your spouse, kids, best friend, neighbor, trainer or your local bank teller they can play a key roll in your success. Accountability is an important factor when planning your fitness goals. If you feel like someone else will be upset when you miss or mess up, you are more likely to not disappoint and stick to your goals. A few ways to keep yourself accountable are posting your workout or meal on a social media site for everyone to see, finding a buddy to workout with can ensure you make it to the gym, meeting with a personal trainer, keeping a food or exercise diary. Up your chances of success and ensure you have a someone to kick your butt in gear when you need it most!

Today workout at the gym:

1 mile run

10 Deadlifts
5 Pull-Ups
15 Bent Rows

3 Rounds

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