Friday-Fun Day!


1 mile Row (1600 meters)

Incline Bench – 10
Walking lunges with Dumbbell bicep curl to overhead press – 10

TRX Single Leg Lunges – 10 each side
Bosu/TRX Push-Ups with Pikes – 10

Bosu Overhead Squats – 10

10 Minutes on the Stair Stepper

Healthy & Quick Dinner


Simple Fish Tacos

Black beans
Lettuce (I prefer Boston lettuce)
Tomatoes chopped
Shredded Cheese

Lime Juice

Directions: Place tin foil on baking sheet and put tilapia on pan. Place lime juice on tilapia and then season with seasonings. Bake under Low Broil for approximately 20 minutes.

Use lettuce for “tortilla” and piece together your Fish Tacos as desired. Enjoy!

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