Life’s Excuses

Life provides us a number of excuses and sometimes those excuses win! Over the past three days those excuses have won my time and exercise has lost. I am guilty just like any other person about missing my workouts. Between things I have had to get done and my husband’s lack of help during the football games, exercise was on the back burner. But just like everyone else I felt really guilty about not getting my workout in – especially since I know you all are waiting to hear what I did next. Good job for making me feel guilty!


Today was a new day and I found a little time to take the little one and our fur babies for a run. I am somewhat hesitant when there is ice on the ground. Last pregnancy I slipped on ice around 17 weeks and broke my toe. Not only did it hurt a ton, but it scared the be-jesus out of me. Running is supposed to help the baby grow not hurt the baby with a fall. Therefore, I am a lot more cautious now a days when running. I love having the stroller along with me and my little one loves coming along. I was thinking today it will a challenge when the next one comes along seeing as I will need a double stroller! At this point our dog can barely fit next to the stroller on side walks, let along with a double wide stroller. The exciting part is that they may just challenge me to run on wider trails and paths.

3.25 miles down and enjoying every moment of this gorgeous weather! Back on track and ready to keep moving.


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