Colorado Snow Day!


What an amazing day here in Colorado!  Went to bed around 10 pm without a trace of snow and woke up to nearly a foot with it still coming down.  My work and travel plans went by the wayside, however my plans for fun suddenly became the priority.  With nearly all of my clients snowed in I had no reason to be at the gym.  I did however have to improvise my workout for the day.  Mother nature had turned my “gym” workout into a “home” workout.  I didn’t mind much and told myself that I would get the best workout I could even at home.  I tried my best to tire the little guy out as much as possible so he would nap as long as possible.  After all there were much needed chores to be done and a workout to be completed.

I dressed the little guy up in the stereotypical coat so puffy he could hardly move, which eventually led to some good laughs and even better pictures.  This was his second time to play in the snow and let’s just say the first ended quickly. My little one wasn’t a huge fan of fact that snow makes your skin cold, but it is so fun to watch him learn all of these thing we adult now take for granted.  Learn things like picking his feet up high in deep snow with snow boots on is really hard.  Or that his doggies have so much fun in the snow they could care less about running little boys over.  Or that mommy’s hand will eventually get cold enough with out her glove that she will have to stop trying to make me smile for the camera and let me play!

While we had no where to go my “to do” list took up a majority of my time, so my workout was part of dinner prep tonight. I made homemade Green Chili with extra veggies, so once I got everything in the pot I had a half hour to workout while it simmered! Here is a quick 30 minutes workout that can really get your heart rate up, challenge your legs and easy to do with your little ones around.


Equipment: Bosu Ball and Medicine Ball or Weight

Bosu Lateral Jumps – 100 (50 each side)
Bosu Push-Ups- 15
Cherry Pickers with Medicine Ball- 15 each side
Bosu Squats with Medicine Ball – 15
Repeat 3 times


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