Deadlift Thursday

IMG_3774 IMG_3768 IMG953783

Today’s workout felt great! I got in a quick and heavy lift in with two friends. Both of my friends are training for a CrossFit competition, so I get to push them as they don’t want to get beat by the “pregnant lady”. Hehe! It’s fun to still workout with others training for competitions, it helps push my own workouts. Now my “heavy” workout is lighter than I would do when I am not pregnant, but still challenging enough that I am almost spent by the end of my set. Try out this quick WOD.

250 meter row
10 Deadlifts
5 Push Press
5 Diamond Push Ups
Repeat 4 times

Total time for me today: 14:02 minutes

Finished with 3 sets of bent over rows with heavy weight.

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