Saturday Workout

No workout for me yesterday, due to work and preparing for a Christmas party. It is funny how you always think, or at least I do, that cleaning will take a whole lot less time than it actually does. Therefore, I trained a little harder today to make up for my miss yesterday. I will say though preparing for Christmas party, chasing a 18 month old, baking, cleaning and hosting can really count as a workout – I was spent yesterday.

I have recently discovered my “shelf”, baby belly, when sitting in bed the other night. Over the past several days I have noticed I occasionally have to change my stance to accommodate my belly during squats, deadlifts, and on the rower. While it is a weird feeling, it is kind of neat to think how much my little one has grown in such a short amount of time.  I can’t wait to see them on ultrasound and find out the gender. Seven days and counting!!

Clean and Jerk – 5 x 5

Squats – 8 x 3
Kettle Bell Swings – 15 x 3
Decline Push-Ups – 10 x 3


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