Christmas Catch Up

The family had a wonderful Christmas full of family and friends, and even a bit of snow!  As we all know finding time to squeeze in a workout is harder than ever.  Especially when you’ve had to much holiday “cheer” the evening before.  Luckily for me I am unable to partake in the so called holiday “cheer” everyone else does.  I’m fine drinking my Perrier with a pinky up and my belly out, however I do miss my beer and wine.  I miss it enough to count my reps using extra wine corks laying around.  My husband uses them as a back drop for his dart board, I use them as a counter.  5 rounds total, pushing a corks over for every round completed.  I know it seems silly, but for me it helps with the motivation.  I put those corks in the “completed” workout pile and go for more.  As they keep piling up, it keeps me motivated as I get closer to the finish.

After a few days off, due to Christmas, I was able to get in a quick workout, even with my little one running around and the dogs attacking me for kisses whenever I was on the floor! With Christmas and my crazy schedule, but I was dying to get back even if it was for 45 minutes.


My little one helping with my burpees and my pup following close behind!

5 Rounds

15 Burpees with Bosu
IMG_2712 IMG_2703
15 Assisted Pull-Ups


30 Kettlebell Swings

My kind husband was able to capture a few more pictures than usual and show how I keep track of my rounds. Regardless of it only being 5 rounds, I find that between my pregnant brain and anything else going on around me I tend to forget what round I am on. Thanks to our huge collection of wine corks I use these to keep track of myself.

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