Confessions of a Slacker!

I must confess I have let my life take over my workout time the past week and I am guilty of slacking! It has been 6 days since my last workout, but as of today – no more slacking! First of all my body feels awful and neglected. Second, I have challenged all my clients to a distance challenge for January, so I need to get my butt moving. As of yesterday (January 4th) – zero miles, but as of today the 5th – 2 miles down and 48 to go. In June of last year I did this same challenge and took on 100 miles, but with two differences I had the outdoors to run and didn’t have to worry about ice and extremely cold temperatures and I wasn’t pregnant. Therefore, for the month January I feel that half of the miles (50) should be a challenge. If you are interested in participating in my challenge please email or comment below and I would love to help you stick to your goals. All of my clients have chosen a distance whether it be running, biking, swimming or using their pedometer to track their steps and set a number goal to achieve. Each week I will check in with your progress and post it on my website to help keep you accountable. Top two people will win a prize! Participation is completely free, so please join in!  Most important thing to remember about slacking is that it only last as long as you let it. We all have those days, sometimes even weeks, we just don’t feel like working out. Not to mention missing one day seems to make missing next day even easier. There are so many excuses to NOT do something, but we need to focus on the reasons you WANT to ACCOMPLISH something. It’s not about having time to workout, it’s about MAKING time to workout!!!

Today I made sure to schedule in a good workout. I wanted to get a bit of strength and cardio in to fire up my lazy muscles! Here is what I did…

8 Squats
20 Kettlebell Swings without stopping (if I stopped before 20 I had to do 5 Burpees for each rest)
400 meter Row
Repeat 4 times

I finished up my workout with a short 5 minute Tabata (sprinting intervals).  When I say sprinting this was not my usual graceful sprint, but rather slow run with a bouncing belly! 🙂 For the Tabata I did 30 seconds sprinting, 30 seconds rest and repeated 5 times. Keep in mind when you are pregnant to ensure you stay within safe range during your “sprint” should be able to say a full sentence while running and don’t feel strange in any way. If you have not sprinted in the past year these should only be a fast paced walk!!!!


January Distance Challenge Count: 2 Miles down, 48 miles to go!

New Years Resolutions

happy new year

With the start of 2016 everyone is starting to think about those New Years Resolutions. Some may be planning the trip of a lifetime. Others may plan on getting ahead in their career, and many of us even set new fitness goals. Just like everyone else, even personal trainers are always looking for goals to set for themselves to keep motivated.  Please try to think outside the box.

I’d like to challenge everyone to not only set goals that can be accomplished in the gym, but to set goals that can be enjoyed in the great outdoors.  Being outside has proven to be very beneficial for the mind and body.  Below are just a few goals that my family and I hope to accomplish in the outdoors this year:

  • Take the kid(s) sledding in the mountains.  Not that our local sledding hill won’t suffice, but experiencing new(and as my husband says “steeper and faster”)  hills is always an adventure.  If I must say, schlepping all of that gear up and down the hill is always an awesome workout…especially since the kid normally rides in the sled on the way UP the mountain as well.
  • Bring the kids hiking on some of our favorite trails we used to go on.  The kids are small and easy to carry now, the extra weight provides for a better workout and more of an experience for the whole group.  Everyone knows the further you hike the better the pictures!
  • Complete 1,000 miles in running, biking or some form of cardio. In June last year I did a hundred miles, so I thought it would be fun to have a year long cardio goal. Taking into consideration I will be in my third trimester for a majority of the year I will include other modes of cardio than just running.
  • Build a more inviting outdoor living area.  Not only do we want to sit and relax on the patio while we watch the little ones play, but we’d like to have a great outdoor area to exercise.  Being cooped up in a dark basement trying to get a workout in while it’s beautiful outside can be trying for even the most motivated.
  • What are some of your OUTDOOR goals?

Eventually it is going to be time to move indoors.  Don’t worry, I’m not talking about the gym…yet!  I’m referring to the  kitchen!  Here are some of the family goals for the new year that involve a healthy diet:

  • Meal PLAN and PREP as often as possible.
  • Purchase as organic as possible when it comes to the dirty dozen foods.
  • Try a new recipe every other week(being realistic).  If we enjoy the recipe I will post it on the website as soon as possible.
  • Try to let as little food as possible go to waste
  • What are your NUTRITION goals? 

I told you we would eventually move into the gym! This can be at your home, your local park or your local gym.  Hopefully it’s not as busy as my gym has been and will be this coming month- Geeze! With goals of a healthy mommy body and even healthier baby, there are somethings that only a good ole fashioned strength training session can work.  Gym have their upsides – not only does the gym have all that fancy equipment, but it has the people to go with it.  The support structure that your gym friends and family can prove to be invaluable.  If your friends are anything like mine they’ll rag on you for missing your workout, which only enhances my own guilt.  Everyone has those days when working out just sounds terrible, but there really very few reasons to miss your workouts.  They don’t always have to be the best workout, sometimes they just have to be a workout… Below are some of my goals for this coming year I hope to accomplish in the gym:

  • Get my pre-baby belly back.  This could be different for everyone.  I’m not talking about a hard 6-pack, but for me it means core strength.  Back to the days when I could do a 5 min plank, sit-ups for days, and be able to laugh so hard that I thought my sides were going to split WITHOUT actually peeing my pants!
  • Master the double under.
  • Keep my knees as healthy and stable as possible so I can continue to play soccer at the level I do.
  • What are some of your GYM/FITNESS goals?

The biggest thing to remember is to increase your success of achieving your goals is that they need to be realistic. If you want to lose weight or gain muscles there are many things to consider – exercise program, nutrition plan and time it will take to accomplish these. If you set your goals too high – example: I am going to lose 50 pounds in 2 weeks – unless you plan on losing a limb this is not going to be realistic. Plan your goals in stages – your long term goal may be to lose 50 pounds, but maybe you want to lose 5 pounds by the end of January and 12 pounds by February, etc. Plus, maybe you want to climb your very first 14,000 foot mountain, well you will need to start building your muscle (strength training) and increasing your cardio, which will also help you reach your long term goal of losing weight!!!  Think outside the of the box with your goals. Your 2016 goals should be for you and about what you are passionate about achieving.

Tell me what your goals are for 2016 and I will do my best to help you stay accountable! If you have questions or need help achieving these goals email me I am here to help –