Lifting weights


Today’s workout felt great! I really love when I get the chance to lift heavier weights. My energy overall is going back up and with it my strength. The first trimester really makes you feel like a wimp. Even on your good days the weight you may be able to lift may be lighter and it may feel like a million pounds.  Within the first trimester you body goes through many significant changes which can explain why your energy is so low. First of all your hormone levels change significantly, your heart rate increases to support the additional blood supply needed for the placenta and fetus, and many experience symptoms such as morning sickness, headaches, fatigue and constipation. From the baby’s stand point, by the end of the first trimester they will have developed all of their organs.  Now as I am only a few days away from my second trimester it feels almost like a cloud is lifting and my energy is coming back.

Overhead Squats – 5×5
Squats – 3×8
Single leg Smith machine lunges – 3×10 each side
Incline bench press – 3×10
Shoulder press – 3×8
Cable chest press – 3×10
Tricep press – 3×10

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