Being Innovative

Thanks to all these fun germs going around, no workout today! My little one was under the weather, which meant mommy to the rescue. I am however, fairly sore from yesterday’s workout, so a good amount of stretching while watching movies on the couch helped loosen those sore muscles up.

Since my son wasn’t feeling well we decided to set up the humidifier to get a bit more moisture in the air. My husband has become quiet innovative in his years. He couldn’t find the cap to the humidifier (which was right next to the kitchen sink!) so he used his imagination. This is what we ended up with…

IMG_20151207_203217732 (1)

The top of a sippy cup and a sock (clean…at least that’s what he told me).  I have to admit it did work very well.  Not only did “sippy sock lid” as he calls it work, but the humidifier did it’s job and my son feels much better today.

I’m thankful for his ingenuity however weird it may be sometime!



Today’s Workout

Home workout day in the Chavez house! As of last week I officially signed myself up for the Spartan Beast at the end of August 2016!!! I am so excited!! We did the Spartan Sprint this past year when my little one was 11 months old. This one is going to a bit more challenging because I will only be about 3 months post pregnancy. I know this probably won’t be my fastest race, but I will finish hell or high water…in this case probably muddy water.

20150516214251 20150516220349

The nice part of having a fun goal to look forward to next year and post baby is that it will motivate me to keep up my workouts! If you are interested in joining our team at the Breckenridge Spartan event – sign up with team “Strength Train 4 Life” and I will email you workouts starting in March to prepare yourself!

To click here to register! The Beast in on Sat, Aug. 27th and the Sprint is Sun, Aug. 28th. We will have teams for both.

Paul and Lindsay

20 Kettle bell swings
10 Push-Ups
6 Forward Single Arm Overhead Press Lunges each side
6 Backward Single Arm Overhead Press Lunges each side
10 Kettle bell Snatch each side
10 Kettle bell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Repeat 4 times


Yesterday’s Partner Workout

IMG_3682 (1)

Kept the workout simple yesterday and by simple I just mean 3 exercises, but by no means was it easy!

5 Rounds

10 Push Jerks
20 Deadlifts
30 Calorie Row